Catholic Education South Australia

Extended Curriculum & Learning Support

Children's University

Children’s University aims to encourage children to access learning beyond the normal school day, and to be recognised for their commitment to enhancing their own learning.

Within the philosophy of Children’s University there are 3 under-pinning beliefs.

  • Learning is a lifelong process
  • All children want to learn
  • All parents want their children to success

Every child develops at a different rate and this needs to be considered when planning and evaluating learning programs.

At St Joseph’s School, each child is given the opportunity to develop to their full potential and additional learning programs are provided so that every child can experience on-going success at their own pace.


Extra Curriculum programs:

Visual Arts

  • Cartoon Creations ( Blair Price)
  • Local and National Art Competitions                  

Extension English

  • Poetry Competitions
  • Essay & Writing competitions including ICAS
  • Year level Literacy Extension     

Performance Arts

  • Performances of the SJP School Band
  • Voice (Julia Johnston)
  • Guitar ( Denny Vuong)
  • Piano ( Thomas Giam  & Tegan Beck)
  • Flute ( Tegan Beck)
  • Drums (Michelangelo Micelli)
  • School Choir Performances
  • Catholic Schools Music Festival Choir

Mathematics Acceleration

  • APSMO Junior Maths Olympiad
  • ICAS Maths Competitions

Science & Technology

  • ICAS Science and Computing Competitions
  • Bee-bots & Robotics & Makey- Makey