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In today's online world and given the current situation regards COVID-19, the classroom can be wherever an internet connection is available. It is undeniably important that during this period of isolation, that our students have the opportunity to maintain their very good work habits by responding to activities designed for them and their skill level by the people that know them best from an educational point of view, their teachers.

 Prechool to Year 6 will find activities that need to be completed and a timetable will be provided  that can help you organise your child’s day regards their learning. Virtual learning, particularly using the platforms of See-Saw and Teams, will allow all our students at St Joseph’s Payneham to connect, collaborate, interact, learn and create. These platforms are safe and only authorised users will have access.

There will also be an interactive lesson each day with your child’s teacher to go over concepts / activities not quite understood, to gain further re-direction or clarification to ensure the students experience success. These have been organised at different times of the day for the different grades, in case there is a limit to the amount of computers, laptops or iPads there may be available in your household. Teachers will try to assist parents where possible with advice on various issues like establishing routine, expectations, communication, using technology and the child’s wellbeing throughout the Term.

Home Learning Guide 2021


Class Online Support 
Timetable for Lockdown

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

Parent Partnership
In regards to learning at home; we can only ask that you do the best you can. We are all adapting to many changes. Perhaps for some of you, your work commitments have changed or you may be working from a home space for the first time. We need to consider all of the needs of our family members whilst working with children either online or via take home packs.

Online Learning Platforms

The following Online Platforms used at St Joseph’s

Seesaw is the online Learning platform used in the Junior Primary (P-3).
Microsoft Office 365 tools Teams is the online Learning platforms used in the Primary School (4-6)
Office 365 tools (e.g., email, shared docs, OneNote,) are other online collaboration tools for online instruction.


Time expectation for students per day

Reception -2 -1 or 2 hours
Year 3- 3hours
Year 4- 3.5 hours
Year 5-6 -4 hours