Catholic Education South Australia

SJP Preschool

Our 4 year old Koalas, Joeys and Kangas

Children who turn 4 years of age by 30 April will complete Preschool from January to December of that year.

Mid-Year Preschool intake  for children who turn 4 between 1 May and the 31 October. They will complete Preschool from July to the following June.

The small groups of Preschoolers called Koalas, Joeys and Kangas in our newly expanded Early Learning area may access 15 hours Preschool Program that takes place over a five day fortnight, coinciding with school hours of 8.40am - 3.00pm. (Download the SJP Preschool brochure)

The Reggio approach allows for students to have a voice in what and how they learn and the philosophy engages the mind of  young children through providing an attractive, child focused, creative,  appreciative, art focused and welcoming environment. The Reggio Emilia philosophy attracts us as it encompasses many beliefs that we have as Early Childhood Educators.

Along with a different image of the child we need to adopt a new image of the teacher. Teachers should have a, “Deep respect for and curiosity  about children, an unquenchable curiosity about the teaching-learning process and a capacity for exploration and innovation that could be sustained through collaborative relationships with other adults. We should recognize the dynamic role culture plays in the relationship between educations and culture” (New, 2007). We are part of a multi-cultural community and we should embrace and celebrate that in the classroom.

The Belonging, Being & Becoming  (EYLF) documents are used to develop the teaching and learning programs that respond to children's needs and interests. together with the Reggio Approach, The Preschool staff are able to provide a safe, friendly and enriching learning environment that fosters children's engagement through their:

  • concentration and energy
  • complexity and creativity
  • facial expressions and posture
  • persistence and satisfaction

Our Preschool has achieved an EXCEEDING rating in 5 out of the 7 quality areas  in the National Quality Standards. We aim for continuous improvement through our Quality Improvement Plan.