Catholic Education South Australia

Star Program

Five Catholic Primary Schools

Five Catholic Primary Schools in Adelaide’s Eastern Suburbs have been selected for a two year pilot program to become state centres of excellence in primary education. The Star Program was initiated in 2019 to improve the learning, literacy, numeracy and wellbeing outcomes for every student.

The Star Program’s goal at SJP is to ensure that every student is happy, safe and learning to their full potential.

It has five pillars:
1. Growing Identity
2. Growing Community 3. Growing Literacy
4. Growing Numeracy
5. Growing Relationships

This is a rigorous, benchmarked program that features the appointment of Star Coaches in each Star School to mentor and guide teachers based on international teaching research and best practice. 

The Star Coaches in each school work collaboratively to ensure growth is happening across the region and that every school and every student benefits from the experience and knowledge of its highly trained teachers. At SJP our Star Coach is Vanessa Saccardo.

The performance of teachers and students in the Star program is evaluated using assessment techniques such as NAPLAN, as well as subjective measures of student well being.