Catholic Education South Australia

The Arts


Italian as a second Language is taught by a specialist  teacher for one lesson a week. It helps the children expand their understanding of different languages and cultures and provides a creative expression. Enjoy the video and listening to the children singing the days of the week in Italian.


The Arts comprises five separate and distinct areas: dance, drama, media studies, visual arts and music. Each has its own language, techniques and conventions which offer a variety of means of expressive communication. These areas are important ways through which the vitality and culture of communities are shaped and transmitted. Students develop arts skills and knowledge that are central to their everyday lives.


All students participate in a weekly Music/ Drama lesson with a specialist teacher with different year levels focusing on different instruments. For example, Year 3 children learn to play the recorder and Year 4 learn the glockenspiel.


Students from Year 3 to Year 6 are invited to join in weekly Choir rehearsals and performances for Assemblies, Community events and Catholic Schools Music Festival.


There are special music tutors for Voice, Violin, Guitar, Piano, Drums and Trumpet and students may choose to have individual or group lessons.  Performances take place at the end of term or school assemblies and school events.

Voice: Julia Johnson

Piano: Thomas Giam and Teagan Beck

Drums: Michelangelo Micelli

Flute: Teagan Beck

Guitar: Denny Yuong

Students from Year 3 - Year 6 may also choose to join the School Band that performs at community functions and school events.

Every 3 years, all students from Preschool to Year 6 are thrilled to present a Whole School Concert for the community. Check Seesaw for the iMovies by the classes.