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Access the RAN (Reporting Abuse & Neglect) online training.

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You can enter/exit online training many times without having to go back to start each time.

Once you complete RAN training, please print off the certificate and send a copy to Dora Cavuoto.

 2018 About+Protective+Practices+Pamphlet.pdf
 SJP 2018 Induction+Pack+for+Volunteers.pdf
 SJP Induction+Pack+for+Volunteers+2018.pdf

Workplace Health & Safety

Volunteer's Induction

We acknowledge that all volunteers have a special place within our school community. The knowledge, skills, dedication and time that you share with us is greatly valued.

At St Joseph’s Payneham, we are committed to providing a safe working environment for all volunteers. The information listed below will assist in the management of your safety, in line with the requirements of the Catholic Church Exempt Licence structure.

Prior to commencing any volunteer duties you will be asked to complete and provide copies of:
• Current Police Clearance Letter or equivalent
• 2018 Responding to Abuse and Neglect (RAN) Certificate
• SJP Induction+Pack+for+Volunteers+2018 
• CESA Volunteer Application Package