Catholic Education South Australia

Specialist Areas

The Arts

The Arts, one of our eight areas of study, includes Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Dance and Media. Arts are an important part of our daily lives, in which people participate and enjoy. Arts play a central role in both our social and cultural identities.

For students, The Arts help develop character and encourages students to show that they are individuals. The 8 Areas of Study become a vehicle for self-expression, while increasing physical and mental conditioning, developing co-ordination, communication, and helping to build self esteem and confidence.



The aim of Sport at St Joseph's School is to promote and develop:

  • pleasurable involvement in physical activity
  • cognitive, aesthetic, expressive, physical, cultural and social development
  • fitness and health
  • positive attitudes, character development, team building and ‘being a good sport’
  • an understanding of healthy lifestyle choices

Children at St Joseph's have the opportunity to participate in many SAPSASA sports.



Learning about another culture is more than simply learning how to speak the language. We experiment with art, craft, cooking, singing, games, origami, and activities related to festivals and events that occur throughout Italy.

Learning another language can be a slow process. Students who achieve the most success are those who are willing to have a go, are confident, and a little bit resilient! These skills are transferable to all subjects and life itself! We often think our children can’t learn another language, but the younger the child is, the better their brain is equipped to learn a second language.



Library/Resource Room

At Payneham, our Resource Centre has a central role in the school. It is fully utilised as a learning centre, which supports the teaching and learning programs in the classrooms.

All students have the opportunity for lessons, borrowing, skills development and information research.

Each child is expected to have a library bag to protect the books/DVDs they borrow when transporting them to/from class and home. Parents are asked to ensure the children take care of our valuable books.

Choir & Instrumental Lessons (Years 5 and 6)

All childrenStudents in this Choir learn music for the Catholic Schools Music Festival. A selection of students are chosen each year to represent the school and perform at the Festival Theatre. This is a wonderful event and opportunity for students to perform with others in a professional setting, and a rewarding experience that will stay with them for life.

Students in Years 5 and 6  have the opportunity to study an instrument in brass, woodwind, percussion or electric bass. These instruments are taught on a weekly basis during class time.
All students are given the opportunity  to engage in Music with our specialist Music Teacher.